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Our Mission

Recognizing and supporting human potential through providing integrative therapies to children facing medical challenges and developmental differences, as well as their parents and caregivers.

Pilot Program
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Care for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Intra Life Healing Arts is dedicated to providing integrative therapies to the community of Boise. It is our heartfelt dedication and motivation to ensure that children with medical challenges and developmental differences, as well as their family and caregivers, have access to care that addresses the mind, body and spirit at no cost to them.

Progressive Healing Therapies

To ensure that our community has access to progressive healing therapies, Intra Life Healing Arts has developed a pilot program to serve integrative therapies at The Lotus Tree clinic in Boise, Idaho in the Fall 2021.

From the lessons learned from the pilot, it is our intention to expand this program so that other clinical settings in Boise have the ability to integrate these therapies into their clinics.

A Growing Need

Intra Life Healing Arts is proud and honored to meet a need that is growing: the need to have integrative therapies to support medical protocols. There are people who are wanting more when going to the doctors. To be seen and supported as the whole beings that they are—not just a diagnosis to be addressed with surgeries, pharmaceuticals, and other interventions that address only their physical aspects. People are also their subtle bodies; their experience of their conditions which can include pain, emotional disturbance, mental illness, and a host of “mystery” symptoms.

Kindness and Care

Intra Life Healing Arts was created to offer these therapies and to educate and train others in our community to provide these therapies to themselves and to the people in their lives. Our therapist are highly trained in the arts of Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu which they perform with great care and kindness, even in difficult situations.