Pilot Program Fundraising Project

Heroes Together Fundraiser Event

Intra Life Healing Arts (ILHA) is thrilled to announce the very first Heroes Together Fundraiser Event Saturday February 4th 2023!  ILHA is dedicated to bridge the gap from traditional western approaches and create access to other healing methods.  We focus on children, families and caregivers dealing with neurodivergence, medical challenges, and domestic violence.

With your help (and money!!), a larger part of our community will have access to these services.  We have expanded beyond offering programs at Lotus Tree and are now partnering with Faces of Hope and the Women’s & Children Alliance.

This is a transformational event that will leave you feeling inspired, present, calm and full of heart.

  • Education – specific to integrating holistic modalities with western approaches.
  • Sound bath – singing bowls heal through sound vibration and sound meditation.
  • Speakers sessions – keynote speaker – Ashi Elyse Louderbough.
  • Raffles for Healing Services and so much more.
  • SuperHero Photo Booth.
  • Live Painting

Attire: YOUR FAVORITE SUPER HERO (don’t limit yourself to comics/movies!!)

About Intra Life Healing Arts

Intra Life Healing Arts (ILHA) is dedicated to providing integrative therapies to the community of Boise. It is our heartfelt dedication and motivation to ensure that children and their families facing developmental differences , medical challenges and domestic violence have access to care that addresses the mind, body and spirit. Through education, sound healing and hands-on therapies ILHA is able to meet the demanding need for healing support.