Pilot Program

Intra Life Healing Arts will address these issues by providing integrative therapies to children receiving therapy at The Lotus Tree, free of charge, to compliment and enhance current treatment protocols.

The Lotus Tree provides children with occupational, physical, speech, and manual therapies. Intra Life’s integrative therapies will be offered in addition to these therapies. They will also be offered, concurrently, to parents and caregivers to relieve the stress, fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms associated with the demanding nature of full-time caretaking for children with challenges.

Three therapies will be offered based on need, availability, and appropriateness. At times, sessions may include multiple therapies. The therapies are gentle and non-invasive in nature. They require no effort by the recipient, making them ideal for children experiencing pain and other challenges.


Pilot Program Goals

We will provide a total of 420 one-hour integrative therapy sessions over the course of the one-year pilot program, with a goal of offering at least three sessions to each recipient in order to measure effectiveness.